Coral Cove Park – Tequesta, FL

February 10, 2008 by
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Tequesta is essentially in, near, part of, really close to Jupiter, FL.  The park is located on the North side of the Jupiter Inlet.  The park is home to a 2 acre artificial reef project that is easily accessible from the beach.  (Going to research the artificial reef project a little more).  Either way, it is a great place to snorkel.  It is 10 – 15 minutes off I-95 and very easy to access.  Parking is free and the beach is a short walk from the parking lot.  The beach itself is not a lush white sand beach, but it is still very nice and clean.  It is a good place to bring the family with a lot of shell searching for kids, grandparents, etc…  There were a lot of shells on the shore to chose from.

Once on the beach, the reef is easy to reach. Basically you go from beach, to smooth rocks that may or may not be covered by water (depending on the tide) to the water and once in, the action is on. I first hopped into the water just after high tide so I went from beach to rocks under water to the water. As always, I brought my camera and started having fun right away. Once in, I saw a bunch of hermit crabs resting in the pools near the shore, a couple of Cocoa Damselfish, a Bandtail Puffer, Parrotfish, a school of Black Margates and a Sheepshead. There is an abundance of Blennies and a lot of Porkfish. One of the cooler things I swam with was a school of 10 – 15 Porkfish. Some of them were even pretty big. Other highlights included a few different types of Angelfish, a nice sized Atlantic Spadefish, some cool West Indian Sea Eggs (Sea Urchin), a Schoolmaster Snapper, a really awesome Molusk – Sea Snail and a really colorful Slippery Dick. A lot of times when I get out of the water I have a favorite thing or fish or creature, etc… I think I had a handful today.

I highly recommend checking out Coral Cove Park.  It is a great place to hang out and there is a ton of stuff to see and a lot of room to swim around.


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